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We are a law firm devoted to representing employees who have been victimized in the workplace by discrimination, retaliation, harassment and wrongful termination. Our passion is helping people. We are committed and fearless in seeking justice for our clients.


Our firm has a distinguished track record of holding employers accountable for the harm and injuries caused to our clients. One of the most traumatic events can be the loss of a job. We work hard to help people through such difficult times. At Telfer Law, we pride ourselves in serving all levels of employees with enthusiasm, determination and commitment.

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National Board Member

Treasurer, Sacramento Valley Chapter

2021 to Present


2021 to Present


2021 to Present

Areas of Practice


Civil Rights


Disability Rights


Animal Law

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Jill P. Telfer Named 2012 to the Present
"Super Lawyer"

Headline News
"Knott's Death Race for Justice "

2010 Humanitarian Recipient

Jill P. Telfer with Marcy & Mort Friedman



Written By: Chris Bias

She stood beside me thru thick and thin.  She’s a sure bet if you want to win.  She’s a small powerhouse that knows how to fight especially when she knows she’s right.  To stand beside her made me proud, the day we won we were both on a cloud.  To have an attorney as kind as she, brought back faith inside of me.  

Someone that cares.

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