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Kelly Robinson


Kelly Robinson is a highly skilled and dedicated member of Telfer Law Firm, hailing from Stockton, CA. She holds an AA in Social Science from American River College, which has furthered her commitment to understanding her community and peers. Kelly's passion for assisting others in gaining a better understanding of how to protect themselves stems from her studies in Anthropology. She firmly believes that a better understanding of a person’s cultural background and experience is crucial in providing excellent legal service, ensuring that they comprehend all aspects of the law as it pertains to their life at any given moment. Kelly has spent the last 6 years dedicating herself to the legal profession, with a particular focus on litigation, and is always seeking to expand her knowledge.

Kelly's deep love for protecting others was instilled in her by her father, and she since dedicated herself to this cause. Her childhood experiences of attending law school with her father taught her that everyone deserves competent and professional legal representation, regardless of their social, cultural or economic backgrounds. Kelly is committed to giving a voice to those who feel silenced by wrongdoing. Kelly is also a competitive individual who is willing to put in the work to ensure that her clients receive the utmost effort and professionalism. At Telfer Law, Kelly is a highly valued team member, leveraging her years of experience and exceptional communication and negotiation skills to achieve justice for her clients.

During her free time, Kelly enjoys reading, hiking and exploring with her kids and dogs.

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(916) 446-1916

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