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Skylar Murphy

ABA Certified Paralegal, Notary Public

Skylar Murphy has been an asset to the Telfer Law Firm for many years. She is an American Bar Association Certified Paralegal and graduated from American River College with her AA in Legal Assisting. Although Skylar is highly experienced in Employment and Discrimination litigation, she spent approximately two years dedicated to Personal Injury cases. Skylar is passionate about her job and is always seeking to advance her knowledge. Recently, Skylar became a Notary Public. She deeply enjoys work in the legal profession for employees and ensuring the right thing is done to those individuals who have been harmed.

Skylar also has a deep love and passion for helping animals. Although she does not have any pets right now, she enjoys putting her best paw forward to help any animals that do not have a voice for themselves. She has assisted the firm in hosting the annual the Scooters Pal’s From Wags to Riches fundraising event since 2014, which includes animal advocacy recognition and a silent auction.  Her dedication to the animals has helped raise significant funds for neglected and abused animals to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Skylar is a talented member of the Telfer Law Firm and is dedicated to bringing a voice to individuals who have been silenced by wrongdoing.

(916) 446-1916

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