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Fighting Back for a Retaliation Victim


James Rodriguez, a special agent for the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement of Justice’s Division of Law Enforcement, was denied promotion on more than eight occasions after complaining of discrimination and assisting others who filed internal complaints of discrimination.  Although Rodriguez did not lose his job, he was subjected to actions in the workplace that materially changed his work environment.  Attorney Jill Telfer represented Rodriguez in this retaliation case.  Prosecution of the case was particularly challenging in view of the number of law enforcement officials who had to be interviewed, deposed and called as witnesses at trial, including district attorneys, sherries and police chiefs.  The case challenged the collective decision of many law enforcement representatives.  The verdict resulted in changes to the California Department of Justice’s Division of Law Enforcement’s promotional policy.

This article first appeared in: CAOC Forum
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Published on: Friday, 1 October, 2010

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